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CPS3.0 New Learning Platform is finally here!

CopyProfitShare team has been working really hard to provide our students with a state-of-the-art responsive platform to fits all your training needs. We have put together the best learning system, programs and infrastructure in place to aid you in becoming the expert that we are now. We can take you from Rookie to Pro in half the time it took us!

Advance Binary & Forex Training

Learn's Nenad advance training strategy & techniques.

Advance Cutting Edge market predicting habit indicators

Predict the market like a pro trader with advance training.

Advance indicators/programs & naked eye trading

Learn about advance indicators that Nenad's himself uses.

Advance analytical & news trading techniques

Advance Analysing techniques to maximize your return.

Money Management & Capital Gain Financial Info

Chat with fellow Advance student and Nenad himself.

psychology behind trading

Understand an expert traders mind set through advance training.


We believe our work speaks for itself. Video testimonies of some of our successful trading students. If they can learn from our system anyone can learn from our CPS system.

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