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What is CopyProfitShare?

CopyProfitShare is the most advanced Binary/Forex trader community with 300+ real traders. Where the lead trader Nenad Neno Korof runs live session based on market conditions. Where you get to follow his lead & learn along the way live over webinars with the programs offered through the this website CopyProfitShare.

How does CopyProfitShare provides signals?

CopyProfitShare doesn’t provide any signal service or give any legal financial advice. Our lead trader runs a live session where you will be able to see his actual trading screen LIVE. No Fake videos or Photoshop! You can choose to follow his trades as he makes them and learn from the setups that he takes along the way.

What time are the sessions held at?

There is no fixed time for the sessions. Our lead trader will notify by our pro membership website or Facebook Group when is the perfect time for a session. Generally, the session timing is between 8AM – 11PM EST time. One session lasts from 30-60 minutes. It completely depends on the market conditions.

How much does it cost to join CopyProfitShare?

It’s $149.99 One time fee and after only $59.99 a month to have access to all the Live Binary webinars and Forex Signals. Also 24/7 access to all training content & affiliate commissions.

Can I join from any country?

Yes. You can join from any country. It doesn’t matter from where you are. We only count you as a binary options trader. But it is very important for you to understand at least basic English to understand what Nenad Neno Korof speaks on the webinars.

I am new to Binary trading and don’t know anything. Can I still join?

Of course you can join. The whole purpose of CopyProfitShare is to teach and educate newbie traders and turn them to pros, CopyProfitShare is the best platform to learn on. We have a community of 300+ traders that can always help you answer any questions and exchange information 24/7. While having full access to online live webinars to copy the expert and profit like a professional.

Why is it called CopyProfitShare?

It’s called CopyProfitShare because you copy the expert, you than profit from the trades and finally you can share your profits on social media via: Facebook, Instagram and twitter and then refer people to the website with you unique code and make a commission for every person referred! Awesome way to fund your brokerage account with a lot of money if low on funds.

I don’t have a brokerage account. How can I trade?

It’s okay. Once you are apart of CopyProfitShare on the main login page we will give you secure direct links to our recommended brokers. Takes less than 5 minutes to set up and fund your brokerage account. Once set you are ready to trade!

How many Binary?

Binary webinar are usually twice a day Morning & Evenings. Monday-Friday depending all on market conditions. With usually 2-10 trades a webinar.

How many Forex signals a week?

Forex signals are usually mass emailed to all CopyProfitShare members when the lead trader finds the perfect set up to call out. Usually 2-5 signals a week. These trades are just an opinion on where we think the markets will go.